Counsellor-in-Training (“CIT”) Program

The CIT program training and preparing 16 to 18 year-old Canadian Armenian young adults for leadership. It is a two-year program that focuses on transition. The primary objective is to retain our senior campers within the Armenian Camp Family and allow them the transition from camper to CIT and potentially Camp Counsellor.  Our Core Values are Compassion and Love, Friendship and Acceptance, Encouragement and Service, and Spiritual Growth and Prayer.

The CIT program is unique and challenging, as the CIT’s enjoy a week of fun, training, and an opportunity to develop their skills and leadership qualities. Emphasis is placed on interaction with young campers and working closely with their assigned counsellor and other staff.  During the two-year program, the CIT’s also get to, for the first time, experience a little of what goes on “behind the scenes” at camp and have the opportunity to participate in the creation of the exciting “Olympics Games” for the campers.

This year’s participants were a record number of 16 talented youth volunteers: Daniel Borges, Hagop Boudakian, Shant Cholakian, Ari DerOhanesian,Ari Dokmecian,Arman Ghaloosian ,Kyle Hasessian, Bella Karadjian, Ani Merzaian, Mia Ohanessian, Lara Sarkisian, Sevan Shaverdy-Nassery, Tamara Sirmakesyan, Lori Tabrizi, Tamar Tabrizi, Alan Zada.