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10aug12:00 pmRegistration organization and Counsellors arrive

10aug1:00 pmRegistration opens for campers

10aug1:30 pm1:45 pmCounsellors collect group and bathroom break

10aug1:45 pm2:15 pmCounsellors bring group into church for blessing

10aug2:15 pm2:30 pmGroup photo outside on steps

10aug2:30 pm2:50 pmBathroom break and load busses

10aug2:50 pmLeave church for camp

10aug5:30 pmArrival at camp, locate luggage, go directly to cabins and begin to settle in

10aug6:00 pmDinner

10aug6:45 pm7:15 pmMedz Srah: Welcome to Camp Ararat, introductions, rules and expectations

10aug7:15 pm8:00 pmCounsellors lead whole camp activity

10aug8:00 pm9:15 pmWhole camp Opening Ceremonies with National Anthems, Prayer

10aug8:00 pmSnack

10aug9:15 pm10:15 pmIntroduction of Camp Ararat Challenge

10aug10:00 pmPrayer and lights out (Pokr Masis, Medz Masis, and Arakadz)

10aug11:00 pmPrayer and lights out (Artsakh)

10aug11:15 pm11:45 pmCounsellor and Senior staff meeting; CITs supervising campers

10aug11:59 pmCITs lights out