For 2022 Camp Ararat relocated to Camp Gesher in Cloyne, Ontario. Here 140 campers experienced the beautiful Canadian Shield and all aspects of nature while committed to the Camp Ararat program.

Each morning all 118 campers, 21 CITs, and 31 counsellors commenced their day with morning exercises, followed by breakfast and then morning service. After which, the two younger camper groups, Pokr Masis and Medz Masis, participated in religion classes, heritage, and sports activities. At the same time, the senior campers, Artsagh, competed in their own daily challenges. The afternoon program kicked off with the much loved, “Proud to be Armenian” segment followed by swimming, canoeing, paddle boating, fishing, biking, and other water games. Each night after dinner, the entire camp further develops their bonds with other Armenians ending the week with “Camp Ararat has Talent”, followed by the dance.

As in every year, packing up and departing for home was bittersweet: one looks forward to reuniting with family, but saddened to leave their cherished Camp Ararat family. Promises to connect and reunite in town or back at camp in 2023 helped soften the heartache of separating and returning to their respective homes. Overall, it was another successful year.